Sunday, May 17, 2015


Today Sunday I decided I had laid around long enough...with all I have to finish I should work 24 hrs a day...first I was going to try to use more scrap on my sewing table but thought no finish your daughters purse...I had a dilemma ...she wanted a zipper put in after I had sewn it together and I was dragging my feet figuring out how I was going to do it...Well this morning I tackled it....I had a lot of steps to finish it along with putting that zipper in with the finishing touches...but I did it!!!!!

I have several bags to finish and I have been working on hanging my ufo quilts in the craft closet in the sewing room...I cleared a space under the rack so they would hand ok...I am afraid I am going to run out of  room but that should be an incentive to get some finished...right????

I am feeling better but I am so tired...I think that spell took a lot out of me...last night I fixed a steak thought maybe all that protein would help...along with couple veggies and strawberries later....that should boost a little energy I would think....we'll see....more later....

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