Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The bag lady is at it again yes I made another one....the earlier ones were made from leftovers on my sewing table but this one was planned from my stash with just enough to make it too...it had me worried for a bit because I didn't measure to see how much I needed...but I think it turned out great...the 9 patches are peach colored not white as shown...

Yesterday I was going to work on a quilt in the sewing room but when I got there I found a bunch of different colored blue squares I decided to make a purse with them...so its done except for the straps and the top band...later today I will finish it I think....

I see another quick grocery trip to the store for the things I need for my seafood pasta salad I want to have for my supper....that will last a couple days and will be an easy meal....so I better get in gear and get going....I slept in today so the day will go so fast......more later...


  1. I like making bags but have so many now I just keep changing them

  2. hi Barb...I am hoping to find homes for some of them and give some for gifts also...so many ideas so little time lol