Monday, April 6, 2015


I hope everyone had a blessed Easter....we had a small family was nice for doing a lot of visiting which is hard when everyone is so busy these days....

This morning I finally wound up the camera and took a pic of the finished 9 patch/snowball was such a joy working on this one....of late I haven't had time to just sit and hand quilt....hopefully I will be doing more of of them will be that little green/aqua scrap quilt...its about the same size as this one 40 inches square...nice size to finish in a few days....

I think the guys took care of my sewage least I hope so....that is one problem I never want to see again in my lifetime lol.....when I was young problems didn't seem as big as they do now that age has taken over....I can understand my mother in her late years now lol....

Got errands to run this afternoon so I guess I better get my list of things ready...odds and ends at the grocery store for potato salad to go with the leftovers I brought home from my daughters easter sunday....more later.....


  1. This quilt is just beautiful
    and I know what you mean about problems that are way to big now.
    Glad you had a Happy Easter.

  2. Yes I agree everything seems to increase with age. Love your quilt. I would like to know what size the blocks are.

  3. What a beautiful quilt!

  4. the blocks are 4 1/2 finished