Thursday, June 23, 2016


You might have noticed that i haven't posted for a bit but i have been a busy gal...if you quilt then you know you have leftover fabric and odd blocks from other projects well i am not different lol....i was getting too many little bags in my clothes basket of blocks so i started looking through them and found several that would make good small items for giving 'just because' i started working on them a couple weeks ago and came up with a lot of goodies....too many for one picture....

I never seem to have trouble giving potholders away or the little mug i end up making a lot of them...I still have more in the works but my machine is giving some trouble so not too eager to keep going on them at the moment till i get it back in good condition...its easier on my nerves lol....It hasn't taken down the amount of bags in that clothes basket though i still have way too many in there...

Today its supply day so gotta get out of the house for that and maybe a late lunch....have to see what happens....more later....


  1. Lots of goodies!You have a good start on Christmas presents.

  2. loving your projects. great for little gifties for sure!