Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Yesterday i washed up scrap fabric i had accumulated from different outside sources got it all pressed and the small pieces cut into the sizes i need and made some pinwheel blocks as i went....the larger pieces went into the stack on the back of my table that is climbing up the wall.

Later in the day i turned my energies to the little sq in sq blocks i am doing....i dont know why i am doing these so small...i started them a few years ago...i am not sure i had a
reason at they are so far all 98 of them and the little triangles scattered all over and the last of the white centers sitting on the sewing cabinet ready to finish....then i suppose i will need to add another round to make them big enough to make a decent block...not sure i want to work with them today...

My idea for today is wash up all the orange, rust and light brown fabric that i have accumulated that needs to be put in the cabinet...i do have plans for that later when i tackle a challenge for my quilt group....and it will be a challenge if i use the plans i have in my head....there are i think 9 different pieces of fabric to deal with from 1 yard to 4 yard pieces so one load of wash but i will dry them a couple at a time so as not to wear out my shoulder that gives me trouble...i suppose it will take most of my day lol....but then its a nasty windy day so i wont be going out....i can play all day....more later.....

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