Sunday, December 20, 2015


I have been doing more 'little' sewing from the scrap on the table...just minor things like these going to be potholders...I dont know about the rest of the family but i need new ones and they dont have to be fancy...these were leftover partial blocks that i have been chasing around on that table forever so now they will be done up this week sometime..

Also i have been working off and on, on these blocks...cant remember what the name of the block is but i would call it a 9 patch variation...they have all been made from the scrap on the table too at various times....been thinking of making a star block with background all the same with print star of other colors to alternate with these....not sure on that...i am not even sure how big i want the quilt...more on this later.... more tests in January, added one more when i went for followup at the gastro doc...i have a feeling my insides are going to be recognized more than my outside if they keep going lol....but so far all is well....wish they could cure my arthritis.....

Well gotta run to the store to get some meat...didn't want to cook today but the restaurants will be busy this close to Christmas and i dont want to stand in line to wait to eat....soo....more next time.....

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