Friday, March 8, 2013



the fold back part is the pretty back ....i found this fabric and knew i had to use it as the goes with the quilt so good..i may have quilted it too close i think...another ufo off my list...

this is the very last quilt made with the old courthouse step blocks i made a very long time ago...this was one of the first blocks i made when i really got into quilting big time....i must have made a thousand of them cause i sure have  made a lot of small quilts with them....guess i should have made a big bed quilt from them...but i thought i had them all done then found more...

here is the 'mini square' quilt i showed in another post all done now with a dark ruby red will go to my daughter as i mentioned before..

Well its off to quilt on the blue quilt...and hang up the 3rd load i have in the dryer....and make sense of my day....more later....


  1. I find that the only thing for moods of any description is to sew your way out of it. I can see why you had to have that backing the colours are so perfect for the front fabrics. Nice bit of stitching.

  2. Your kids are feeling they're is stressful you may need to hire someone to do the chores. You have made another beautiful quilt.Have a good day.

  3. I love the mini square quilt...great job...and as for the pity party...go for it. Feels good as long as you are sewing!