Sunday, July 9, 2017


Today started out not too good the pain in my face was acting up and it was hard to focus on anything but I found a project with 2 in squares, Christmas fabrics that I started last fall....I didn't like it from the beginning to I spent time ripping out stitches till I got it down to 9 patches and 3x4 patch blocks...not sure which route it will take ...maybe 2 ways...

Going to try to do laundry tomorrow at least a load or two even if I have to lay down before it get it put away....sooner or later I will wear out these shingles....just not a lot going on here but trying....more later


  1. I am so sorry....I had a mild case of shingles on my face several years ago. The key word here is "mild". I was able to get on meds very quickly, which, I believe was a big help. Two years ago my daughter had it to pop up on her forehead. Age really means little when it comes to that awful virus. Please take good care of yourself!!

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BONNIE....I will be very glad when this is over....