Friday, October 9, 2015


Yesterday i got a little bored with myself...wasn't going to sew because my shoulder has been bothering me so i wanted to give it a what did i do???...i made bread!...After i started i thought you dummy you have to use your arm to knead the bread and that might aggrivate that shoulder more...well i tried a new recipe for french bread....i wasn't too happy with it...i think it calls for too much water and it took lots more flour than recipe calls for...i stopped putting flour in and it was still sticky so didn't do much kneading...the result wasn't too tasted good and the texture was a little dense...just not sure i will ever use that recipe again....

I still havent quilted the new cosmetic bag i started waiting for my shoulder to settle down but today might be the day....i have  several obligations i have to get busy with for Christmas presents....i joined a swap in a group on line and i joined in the gift exchange in the quilt group here in town i know what i am doing for one of the groups and got several ideas to pull from for the to just get

I either have to cook a full meal tonight or go run errands i was suppose to do yesterday and find supper while out....the latter sounds good i will see how my afternoon goes....more later.....

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