Friday, August 8, 2014


Yes I want to complain today....but first let me lead up to it...
Yesterday we had our quilt meeting which went very well. We even had 6 new members....there were lots and lots of good show and tell quilts to oogle over lol.....
A lady brought her pattern for a honeycomb quilt....lots of fussy cut pieces to make up different blocks to make a quilt....I was  happy to see it as I have been thinking of making one to vary my hand stitching pattern instead of all hexes....
This is the one I want to do....
Here is the problem  I usually look in Hancocks of Paducah big catalog for ideas on color throughout the catalog then I go back and decide if I want to buy more fabric for the quilt to either fill in with what I have or just buy enough for the whole quilt....but they have stopped publishing a big catalog...and instead send out these little flyers with just a few color swatches on them....JUST NOT THE SAME!...I am very disappointed...also since they have changed their on line site around its harder to follow than it used to be so I don't go there as much as I use to....Guess I will have to change my method of planning process....
Today my thoughts are on the honeycomb pattern so I suppose sooner or later I will end up in the sewing room to see what I have that I can use from my stash for this quilt....I have the yardage figured for the big amounts of the pattern I need so I can proceed with that....more on this later....


  1. Looking forward to seeing your quilt in progress as I have recently bought a kit for one of these blocks with the thought that I would like to try this handwork and see if I could someday make a quilt. Sorry to hear you are disappointed by the new catalog. I have never seen the old one but it sounds much better than the new. I do find their site hard to navigate and seldom buy there because of it. May you find what you need and proceed ... :) Pat

  2. I'm glad you complained. I'd like to complain also. I like to turn pages. I like REAL books, REAL magazines, REAL catalogues, and REAL patterns. I'm not a friend of all this e-stuff.
    Now I know what my Mother use to say ' the world is passing me my'

  3. I love the colors of your snack mats & potholders, the mug rugs. The honey comb is one I have not seen, I like it. I am full of (I's) today but the older I get the more I hate change.

  4. I have one of these in process. They are fun because you can use a little amount of fabric and come up with neat combinations. I have seven more flowers to make and the connecting sections then the borders. Mine will be queen sized when done. Enjoy the process. Chris

  5. You may like this I just got this from "Keepsake Quilting" about their Autumn 2014 catalog.
    go on line or call 1-800-865-9458