Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday the group i quilt with met and it was our Christmas dinner and quilt day....there was a large turn out...some i hadn't met yet but i think they had been regulars from times before....

here are some pictures
we were getting ready for show and tell

this was cross stitched centers in child theme

everyone was interested in the border on this one

ladies checking dinner cooking...homemade rolls coming out of the oven

during the afternoon i finished my grand daughters i have to get the label made for it...i am so glad to have it i can put another one in my hoop and start again lol...havent got picture of it yet....

taking things easy today...not feeling well again...and the weather is lousy, part of the problem i think....anyway just being lazy today gives me a chance to think about what to do over the week end...its here again lol...more later....

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