Tuesday, August 7, 2012


ok this has been laying on my table for a week now and its time to get going and finish it...i am on the borders right now as you can tell by the hoop...only 3 sides to go...i guess i am lazy and tired of working on it...bad habit, getting bored before its finished but i have more ideas in my head and they seem to take over....

i did wash up some fabric yesterday and going to cut out some more white hexies for the gfg quilts out of the white....i am looking for another color to go with these for another small quilt or maybe a table topper....got an idea using strips for a table topper i would like to try not sure if it will be with these colors or not
i havent made a decision about the background color for the courthouse steps i found...but i know i have to use something...and i am not sure if i want to get into a large quilt with this ...the blocks are only 5 inches and if i use large triangles on outside of it it might be too much solid type and too much contrast ...but if i add another block between the quilt will get big. decisions! decisions!

that is what is going on with me today and a trip to the grocery store if my black and blue big toe will let me....that things is still pretty sore....i wish it would hurry and heal up...more later


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    1. thank you very much...good therapy lol

  2. Love the scrappiness of both of these quilts.